Monday, January 5, 2015

Semester TWO

Today we returned to our Home School for our Second Semester. The boys hit the floor running today and I was thrilled.

I think the boys are thrilled to back to class as well. It was good to hear them reciting spelling words and chuckling along with their computer classes. 

The first semester of this year, I switched up curriculum as I thought the boys would appreciate a less strict curriculum class. I knew it would be tough, but we tried it anyway. Truth be told, I found separate curriculum for them (various companies) was much harder to "teach" than I anticipated. The boys also made things a bit more complicated as they chose to do their classes in the order they chose. After struggling through mid November through December, I decided enough was enough and planned to bring the Abeka School online streaming back into place. Today, they began with Abeka.

I am not saying they didn't learn . . . they did learn and were getting really good grades. It was the hassle of fussing with them over the lessons they didn't want to complete. I lost it, I already did it, but can't find it and I didn't want to do it were the answers I received. 

Frustration came quickly and I knew we had to make the change back to Abeka. Abeka has been in the Home School business a long, long time and have it down to an art. The repetitive nature of the Grammar class is now taught by a beautiful teacher for each of the boys and not this mama or sister. I was a bit disappointed with the Grammar Ace program as it really didn't "get deep into" grammar like Abeka does. I also had tried Shirley English . . . also not thrilled with it. I guess you never know until you try.

Ryan was using SOS - Switched On School House and doing very well with it, until he figured out how to use copy and paste. He would listen to the lesson, but then use copy and paste for his answers instead of answering them in his own words. I knew that he knew the answers and in fact, asked him to tell me the answer verbally, he simply didn't want to take the time to write them out. He too is returning to Abeka. However, I am keeping SOS for summer . . . he will work through it during the months of summer.

I will still be in the room to assist each of them with their assignments, grade assignments, grade quizzes and tests and keep grades.

Looking forward to this second semester!

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