Wednesday, January 7, 2015

School Day at Home

We are now on our third day back to Home School. We are all home and in the kitchen while each of my boys are on their own computer working on their school work.

As I prepare to write I begin to hear the boys begin their Bible time - I know they are beginning with Bible, but the sudden off tune singing with mumbled words (words they aren't sure of in the song) causes me to pause and smile.

I decided to put a crock pot of tomato soup on for lunch. The boys had a late breakfast, so a few hours from now they will enjoy tomato soup and crackers.

The boys have now moved onto Math . . . numbers (answers to the video teacher) are being shouted out from three of the boys. Maybe I should mention, they are all at various places in their videos and have different teachers, it keeps things interesting for me! lol

I am sure you are wondering HOW to they boys all listen to their videos at the same time. They each have a laptop, I purchase three on special through Dell and received three for the price of two. They also each have either ear buds or headphones. Of course, staying in your jammies for school is simply a bonus!

I keep up with each of them by:

  1. Listening with my Mom ears
  2. Keeping my spidey senses on
  3. Taking a peek at their progress by walking past them occasionally.
  4. Abeka online info . . . see below. (This shows Arithmetic lessons.)

With four boys to Home School, I never run out of things to check on, grade and check off.

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