Sunday, January 18, 2015

HomeSchool 2015

We have been back to school for a few weeks now. Although Christmas Vacation was nice, the boys and I really needed to get back to the "normal" life.

The first semester of this year we tried to be a bit more relaxed with each class. They each had curriculum to match their learning personality and I was of the opinion, through reading, that boys learn better this way. We gave it a good hard try . . . one semester. In early December, I began assessing how the boys were doing with the curriculum. I wish I could say I was thrilled, but I was not. Although the boys were achieving A's and B's, at times they did not put their all into their daily assignments. Some assignments were completed thoroughly and others simply disregarded. 

HomeSchool is not an exact science. Yes, there are curriculum plans that work for many, there are opinions in the HomeSchool world that may sound amazing, but that doesn't mean they will work flawlessly for everyone.

Over Christmas Vacation, it was decided that each of the boys would return to the Abeka Academy curriculum. My reason is straight forward ~

  1. Structure
  2. Daily Planner for each grade
  3. Amazing Online Teachers for each grade
  4. Teachers that are incredibly encouraging
  5. Teachers who teach with Love
  6. Curriculum focused on God
  7. Strong Teaching Skill
  8. Academic Excellence - across all subjects
  9. The "Teachers" books for Tests, Quizzes, Text Questions, etc are all included as a kit. 
Each and every school day, my boys immediately know what they are expected to accomplish. The easy to follow along daily video planner shows this mama what to expect from each of them each day.

Abeka has each nine week quiz and tests required in a separate booklet to ease in keeping track of grades. Everything is included in the teacher info that you could possibly need.

Our daughter Katelyn is a Senior in college. She studied Abeka Curriculum throughout grade school, middle school and some high school. She has been on the Dean's list in college for all but two semesters - Spanish class was to blame for the two non Dean's List semesters. 

I do want to mention, my boys love Veritas Press History. We still have our second semester of video they can watch, but instead of daily watching, they can choose to watch them because they want to. I do give Extra Credit to them if they watch the video and pass the quizzes and tests. 

Our second semester of 2014-2015 is off to a great start.

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