Thursday, October 9, 2014

Our School Day

As I write, I hear the tap, tap, tapping of computer keyboards during online Veritas Press History lessons.

In our little school room the window is open and I hear the roar of autos passing by. The temperature is cool today, but lovely.

The boys are working a little harder today . . . they REALLY want a four day weekend. Extra school work today will provide for that tomorrow . . . except for the two that left their reading books and comprehension sheets at home, for two days.

School is going well . . . we have made a few changes to our curriculum this week. We have changed up Math, from Saxon to Teaching Textbooks and the boys LOVE the change. We have changed up our Shurley English/Grammar to the Grammar Ace, Wordly Wise and Sequential Spelling. The changes seem to be great for the boys.

It is now 4:40 p.m. and we are done with our subjects for today. The boys worked extra hard to be able to take a four day weekend. They are excited and so am I!