Friday, September 5, 2014

Home School Adventures

Our little home school had a pretty busy week which included a ton of fun. Of course, we had our normal "studies" to accomplish . . . we went to the museum and had a swimming P.E. day with home school friends. 

Our science class is learning about God's 5th Day of Creation - the water "animals". This week, the kids made bottle oceans. They were so excited about this project, and so was I.

Take a look:

Ryan's ocean bottle.

Cody's - if you look close you can see the sand, shells and a few of his ocean fish. He loved this project.

EJ colored his ocean a DEEP blue.
He made it just the way he wanted it!

Aliyah holds her jelly fish in a bottle craft in her left hand
and her ocean bottle in her right. Her ocean was a gorgeous blue.

Cameron's ocean was fun and he was so proud of it.

KiKi's ocean bottle and her jelly fish bottle.
She is VERY specific concerning what she does and doesn't like.
She made sure her water creations were just right.

This photo is at the end of the day . . .
we had just tidied up and KiKi swept the floor. The kids take turns with the floor sweeping. Everyone worked together to make sure our shelving was tidy desk tops were wiped and everyone took home the things they wanted to.

It was a great week . . .
I wonder what the adventure will be next week!

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