Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Almost Ten Weeks Into This School Year

Home School has been in session for three half weeks and seven full weeks now. We are in full swing and accomplishing each day one at a time. We began three day weeks mid July, so we are a bit ahead of the area schools.

Today the boys wanted to work in History . . . I didn't see any harm in letting them jump into History with both feet. I was thrilled to see them so engaged in their History lessons. Each lesson for Cameron, Evan and Cody are through Veritas Press and they simply cannot get enough! Today the boys wanted to work through FOUR lessons and so they did. However, the next few days they will need to accomplish their other subjects and give History a little rest. lol

Ryan continues on with Switched on Schoolhouse and is thriving in it. He generally takes care of his lessons without much prodding, to which I am thankful. I can keep track of his assignments and if he doesn't quite get something I know about it quickly.

The boys' grades are pretty good, although we are going to be working a bit harder in Math.

Ryan, Grade 7:
Bible - 98.15% A
History and Geography - 99.03% A
Language Arts - 98.62% A
Math - 92.83% B
General Science - 93.50 B

Cameron, Grade 5:
History - 86.7% B
Spelling - 96.5% A
Literature - 95.3% A
Math - 90% A-
English/Grammar - 89% B+
Penmanship/Writing - 100% A

EJ, Grade 5:
History - 83.2% B
Spelling - 93.5% A-
Literature - 93.3% A-
Math - 70 % C-
English/Grammar - 94 % A
Penmanship/Writing - 100% A

Cody, Grade 3:
History - 88.8% B
Spelling - 100% A
Literature - 97.6% A
Math - 82% B
English/Grammar - 99% A
Penmanship/Writing - 95% A

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