Thursday, August 28, 2014

Long Day, Paracord Bracelets and Progress Grades

Some days seem to go by so quickly . . . Thursday was not one of them. We put in a lot of hours on Thursday of homeschooling. Everyone got the work done . . . but, it took a while. My youngest was distracted . . . very distracted. He finally completed his work for the day . . . did I tell you he was distracted? 

After all of our studies were done, the boys and I learned to make paracord bracelets. At least we gave it a good try! lol

Patience and perseverance was the name of the game for this project! Once we got the hang of it, it went pretty quickly.

We have had a little more than three full weeks in school now, so I decided to check grade averages. 

Ryan, Grade 7:
Bible Class: 95 A
History/Geography: 98.7 A
Language Arts: 98.3
Math: 96.3 A
Science 97 A

Cameron, Grade 5:
History: 97 A
Spelling: 93 A
Literature: 95 A
Math: 90 A
English: 89 B+
Writing: 100 A+

Evan, Grade 5:
History: 84.2 B
Spelling: 87 B
Literature: 96 A
Math: 70 C-
English: 94 A
Writing: 100 A+

Cody, Grade 3
History: 93 A
Grammar: 98.5 A
Literature: 97.3 A
Math: 82 B-
Spelling: 100 A+

Math is a tough subject this year for Cody and Evan. I think most of it has to do with making sure ALL problems are worked. We continue to work on it daily and I am sure those Math grades will climb up a bit.

If I were to grade Art, the boys would all excel!

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