Thursday, August 28, 2014

Long Day, Paracord Bracelets and Progress Grades

Some days seem to go by so quickly . . . Thursday was not one of them. We put in a lot of hours on Thursday of homeschooling. Everyone got the work done . . . but, it took a while. My youngest was distracted . . . very distracted. He finally completed his work for the day . . . did I tell you he was distracted? 

After all of our studies were done, the boys and I learned to make paracord bracelets. At least we gave it a good try! lol

Patience and perseverance was the name of the game for this project! Once we got the hang of it, it went pretty quickly.

We have had a little more than three full weeks in school now, so I decided to check grade averages. 

Ryan, Grade 7:
Bible Class: 95 A
History/Geography: 98.7 A
Language Arts: 98.3
Math: 96.3 A
Science 97 A

Cameron, Grade 5:
History: 97 A
Spelling: 93 A
Literature: 95 A
Math: 90 A
English: 89 B+
Writing: 100 A+

Evan, Grade 5:
History: 84.2 B
Spelling: 87 B
Literature: 96 A
Math: 70 C-
English: 94 A
Writing: 100 A+

Cody, Grade 3
History: 93 A
Grammar: 98.5 A
Literature: 97.3 A
Math: 82 B-
Spelling: 100 A+

Math is a tough subject this year for Cody and Evan. I think most of it has to do with making sure ALL problems are worked. We continue to work on it daily and I am sure those Math grades will climb up a bit.

If I were to grade Art, the boys would all excel!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why Homeschool?

We have been asked many time about homeschool. So many people simply do not understand the "why" of homeschool.  I thought I would take the opportunity to share a little of our "Why".

We began the homeschool journey many years ago when Katelyn was in 5th and then sixth grade. Katelyn had begun at a private school in town when her grades began to plummet. The three week progress report made us aware that she was struggling in her classes with one teacher. My sweet girl who generally had A's and B's had dove into the C's and D's. We immediately tried to speak with the teacher that simply placed all of the blame on my daughter. Trying to speak with her about the situation was futile so we decided to homeschool her for the two years she would be under this teacher. My girl excelled and continued to do so through her college years - She frequents the Dean's List and has throughout her Freshman, Sophomore and Junior college years. She is now a Senior in college and I expect her to excel this year as well. 

A few years ago we began homeschool once again with Ryan. Fourth Grade was tough for him as he was continuously bullied. By Christmas Break of his 4th Grade year our son was withdrawing and we knew he had enough. We had spoken with the teacher and the school principal . . . to no avail. No child should have to deal with a bully! He began homeschool and has never wanted to head back to "school" in the sense of private or public school.

The other boys continued their school year in a private school - the same as Katelyn and Ryan had. Once the school year ended, we began planning to keep them home for homeschool as well.

We are now in our 3rd FULL year of homeschool with all of the boys. I must tell you . . . I don't know that I would ever send them back to a private or venture to a public school. 

We LOVE homeschool! Here are some reasons besides the ones above that you might find interesting:

  1. Hands on learning ~ the boys love to be involved.
  2. We choose curriculum that fits our children.
  3. We are at liberty to teach them how THEY learn.
  4. We can take our time learning about something.
  5. We don't have to take snow days but we CAN take Sun Days!
  6. We can homeschool anywhere.
  7. Fun, Fun, Fun
  8. We can school in our jammies if we want to.
  9. No worries about the kids hearing about "alternate" views of life that conflict with Our convictions and views.
  10. No Bullies
  11. The kids can learn by doing.
  12. It is awesome to see the kids use their imaginations on something. 
  13. There are no excuses from "teachers" about why your child is upset.
  14. Field trips help EXPERIENCE the information taught. We can take a lot of field trips!
  15. Our schooling is completed earlier than public school.
  16. One on one teaching.
  17. Homework is scarce, we get everything done during our class. Public/Private schools send kids home with many have hours of homework each evening.
  18. Our kids have learned to work together in our classroom. I love to see one of them showing another how to "work" a problem or figure out a solution.
  19. Seeing my kids light up when something clicks.
  20. I love my kids and enjoy being with them.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Homeschooling can be challenging, as I am sure you can imagine. Today was a little bit of a challenge, but this Mama took it on without looking back.

There will always be days my kiddos won't want to do this, or that. I find if I put it to them in the way of a challenge, thing tend to go quite a bit easier. 

My boys LOVE watching food challenges . . .
Chopped, Cut Throat Kitchen and the Rachael and Guy Kids challenges. So, when something they need to do becomes a power struggle . . . I give them a little challenge of sorts. Depending upon the assignment, I might give them a time limit challenge or an I bet I can get my work done before you do challenge. 

You know your kiddos, use what WORKS for them.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Homeschooling Four Boys

Our year is off to a great start! Everyone is excited and they love their new curriculum. A little glimpse of what we are doing this year . . . 

Apologia for Science:

Saxon for Math:

Shurley English for Grammar and language:

Spelling Cards through Veritas Press:

History through Veritas Press:

Writing: Various writing assignments based on Key words.

Reading: Reading fiction novels and working comprehension after reading.

Physical Education: beginning a new little program this week.

We have so much more going on this year . . . going to be awesome!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Easy Peasy and a Challenge

Charlotte's Web is being read in the family room . . . I so enjoy that story! Cameron has finished his schoolwork for the day and he is reading Charlotte's Web aloud. Cody is studying Charlotte's Web and will doing his comprehension next. Charlotte's Web chapters can be long, so it helps if he reads half and I, or someone else reads the other half. He is doing very well in school this year and I am thrilled!

Cameron just finished up his schoolwork for the day. I am proud of him as he got right to it and worked hard to get everything done. Way to go Cameron!

Evan James is giving me a run for my money today. Little does he realize, this mama is BULL headed and he WILL do his schoolwork and get it done properly. Writing assignments will not be accepted if they are copied directly from the original reading. (I know, I am a toughy!) He really should have remembered the trouble he got into last week when he tried the same thing. Needless to say, after four more chances at writing, he finally got it finished. School is for learning and learning includes a Bajillion things to learn . . . not just reading, writing and math, but not cheating, listening to directions and honesty.

Ryan has been switched over to Switched On Schoolhouse. We were trying to work through the Veritas Press and the Omnibus would begin in a few weeks, however after going through the book myself, I felt it was a little beyond seventh grade. I also researched some reviews on the curriculum for Omnibus and found most parents hold off on the Omnibus until high school. Today, he is learning the software program and working through each lesson. So far, so good and he has gotten all A's for the day. He does like the Switched On Schoolhouse better . . . Whew!

I like the Switched on Schoolhouse because I can quickly see the work he has done for the day and how well he is doing on it. I can reissue an assignment if need be and choose between open book assignments and open page assignments.

There are days that seem harder than others, but that is part of schooling any child. I am thankful for the opportunity to homeschooling my boys and they tell me they like it too. If you are thinking about homeschool, give it a try . . . you just might like it too.