Tuesday, July 29, 2014

School Day 3 and Book Lice

Our little home-school is now in full swing and today was a great success! I have decided we will school for three days week until August 20 when all week school will begin.

Today the boys were excited to learn about Book Lice. Yes, they are real and hiding anywhere there is mold, mildew, books . . . Library book shelves and basements. Of course, I pulled up a little Youtube.com video and pictures for the kids to see. While we were reading the story, we stopped at each sentence to locate three KEY words that would aid in reminding the boys about the story so they could write a story about Book Lice without "looking" at the story. Each of them wrote good little versions of their own and actually enjoyed themselves.

The boys are doing well with their new curriculum by Veritas Press. We have tweaked each schedule and am pleased with the results.

Here are a few pictures of our classroom this year:

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