Thursday, July 31, 2014


This boy is at the top of his game! I am so proud of the way he gets right to his school work each day and there is zero nonsense. What is he reading? Here is a clue: "I have to stay right here, I am no flibberty-ibberty-gibbet." What story is this? Cody knows!

He was reading the adventures in Charlotte's Web. I think he is realizing reading can be fun.

One of my boys decided to try and spoof me that they finished their reading chapter reading. Comprehension questions were all missed and of course he was found out. Since there was a chance he had skimmed instead of read before today, he was allowed to begin Chapter 1 through 7 again, aloud. He also looked up words he didn't know the meaning of to help in his reading.

Another of my boys decided to simply copy the paragraph in his writing assignment instead of writing the paragraph in his own words. He was given another opportunity to write in his own words.

In both instances, the boys were not thrilled at their new opportunity . . . but I do think they just might have learned a little something.

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