Monday, April 8, 2013


A few weeks ago our kids took the Stanford Achievement Tests Online through Abeka Academy. We were thrilled to start them and even more thrilled to be finished with them after five mornings of the week.

Today, I received the results of the testing for my boys. Ryan did well on every subject except Language. No surprise to me there! Ryan is a typical boy and loathes Language. He scored well on all of the other testing subjects. Ryan also took the online testing during his Fourth Grade of school too.

EJ did not fare as well. I am not sure "why" they didn't, but do know that their daily school grades are much better than what the testing showed. Example: EJ excels in Spelling . . . however the Achievement Testing shows him scoring below average. That little dude generally gets between a 93 - 100% on his Spelling tests. Language and Reading Comprehension are not EJ's strong subjects, so I expected lower scores there.

Cameron confuses me . . . that boy extremely well in Word Study Skills - Post High School, but tanked on his Reading Vocabulary and comprehension. Language seems to be a challenge for Cameron too. Maybe it is ALL boys! Who Knows? 

The achievement tests may have thrown them off a bit. For me, it is helpful to show me where the boys need that extra focus.

If you Home School, I sincerely urge you to have your kids take the Achievement tests. The tests definitely help to narrow down those areas that your child may not be grasping as well as you thought.