Thursday, February 14, 2013


Our little HomeSchool was FILLED with FUN and EXCITEMENT all day! The kids began chattering about how much fun they were going to have immediately upon waking this morning.

Mrs. M didn't disappoint!
The kids had a FULL day of Crafts, learning and Fun!

Here are some photos from my iphone . . .

Hugs, love, sharing of Valentine Cards, gifts and candy!

I think the joy was actually overflowing in this room!

Busy with yarn and scissors - making little birdies.

Pretty Valentine Dress!

He is just waiting to be allowed to indulge in the yummy goodness!

Wrapping and gluing!

CUTE little Angry Lovebirds!

The crafts all came out so cute!
Mrs. M sure comes up with some awesome crafts!
The kids also made Love Potion (fruity drink).
The had many things to learn.
Ate yummy pizza.
had a really great day!

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  1. Looks like such a great day at school, love the angry birds craft and also seeing all the big smile. Happy Valentines Day.