Thursday, February 14, 2013


Report Cards were printed today. Yes, even in Homeschool there are report cards! There were plenty of smiles when the grades were read for each subject. 

The boys had some ups and downs this past nine weeks . . . but they overcame and flourished! Homeschool can be extremely hard, but also extremely rewarding. Today was a rewarding kind of day!

Ryan is in the 5th grade . . . Math B, Reading B, Language A-, Penmanship B, Spelling B+, History B+ and Science A.

Cameron is in the 4th grade . . . Math B, Reading B-, Language B-, Penmanship B+, Spelling B-, History B and Science C+.

Evan is in the 3rd grade . . . Math B+, Reading B-, Language A, Penmanship A, Spelling A-, Science B+ and Health A+.

Cody is in the 1st grade . . . Math A, Reading A+, Penmanship B and Phonics A.

On to the next grading period!

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