Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We had our moments today . . . not good moment . . . just so you know. This morning was horrible by any means, but the afternoon was a different story.

Generally the early afternoon will find me going through each of my boys' teaching manual to make sure they have accomplished everything required for the day. There were also quizzes and tests to grade, so I separated each of the papers and began. 

Cody decided he didn't have to do his papers . . . well, he had another thought coming on that one. He was told to sit down at his desk and immediately get moving on those papers. He complied . . . whew, one down.

EJ was next . . . he had a little creative writing assignment for me to look at. I began reading and I am quite certain my mouth fell open. He started out with a nice story, but ended up telling about poop and someone's behind. Not really sure what THAT was all about . . . needless to say . . . he had to rewrite the entire assignment. He wasn't happy . . . it matched my emotion,  I wasn't happy either. EJ finished up his creative writing and worked on correcting a few of his seat-work papers. We went through the assignments for today and he had a small list of homework.

Ryan was next . . . he had a few tests to take and although he did o.k. I know he could do better. He had a few things to finish up and took care of them before we headed out the door. Ryan must stay on task each day or he will be delaying his summer.

Cameron was last . . . I am certainly glad he was because my mood went downhill quickly. From the grades he received on three of his tests, I could immediately tell he had not listened to each of his lessons as he was assigned each and every day. Poor test grades coupled with lessons not complete are NOT a good position to be in. Needless to say, he will not be enjoying activities as he will be working on his schoolwork . . . which may go into summer for him.

Most days are not extreme like today . . . to which I am THANKFUL!

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  1. Julie, do you have a daily behavioral modification activity in place? Even something as simple as marbles in a jar for when everyone completes their assignment. If someone doesn't complete it, and there's no marble, then peer pressure usually comes as a natural consequence. Things along those lines. I LOVE using white boards for quick reviews too. xoxo