Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changes in the Classroom

We arrived at our little Home School classroom in the rain this morning, however by the time we left this afternoon we had VERY large snowflakes. It was quite a change!

Our kiddos had a pretty good day today . . . and they worked together to tidy up the classroom as I worked at setting up new computers for each of them. Up to today, we had been using the small little notebook with Ubuntu software. We have had issues just about every day with at least one of the computers glitching and causing trouble. Today, I set up our new classroom computers - Dell All-In Ones with 20" screen. They are pretty sweet and the kids are THRILLED!  I hope to get a few photos tomorrow! 

Our computer tech will be installing Teacher Classroom Management software on each of the computers.
The new software will assist in keeping track of the kids . . .
what they are doing, locking out the internet - except for the classes, etc. I cannot wait to see it in use!

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