Saturday, January 26, 2013

Learning about Nasty Germs

On Thursday, Mrs. M came all geared up to teach the kids about


The kids had a blast . . .they became little scientists once again.

Geared up with Q-tips, potato slice and ziplock baggie the kids went to work gathering "germ" samples.

You won't believe the samples they came up with . . .

light switches, garbage can, garbage dumpster, closet,
under the chair 1/2, under EJ's desk, the potty mat for Beckett,
the corner of the room, the door knob, the urinal, the computer shelf, EJ's mouth, EJ's ear, the bathroom sink, corner of the desk,
Beckett's hiney and more,  I am sure I have forgotten some.

They had a BLAST!

They are also growing mold . . .
they love checking on it every day.

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