Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Boys and Homeschool

School and boys tend to not go together . . . most boys are too consumed by "boy" things rather than Reading, Writing and Arithmetic anything that requires sit down and quietness.

Home Schooling boys is not any different.
We must consistently encourage and direct my boys to do their daily work . . . complete the homework, listen to each lesson and do it in a timely manner. It is extremely easy for the boys to get distracted, so we are always guiding them throughout the day.

My boys are studying online through Abeka Academy.
Each have a classroom, other students and teacher online.
They log in each morning and begin listening.
Mrs. P and I keep track of them, assist them with each subject as necessary and keep them on task.
Mrs. P grades all papers, tests, etc.
I escape that!

I keep computers running . . .
take care of problems and updates.
I also check online to verify lessons have been listened to.

Some days are just hard!

Some days the focus is OFF.
We push through.

Some days we simply review . . .
those days when nothing seems to click.
That is one of the beautiful things about home schooling.

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