Monday, January 7, 2013


Today was our first day back to Home School since we let out for Christmas vacation. Our vacation seemed to go on forever and a day . . . so we are excited to be back in the groove of things.

Last Friday Mrs. P rearranged our classroom . . . she had an idea that if we separated the kids maybe we wouldn't have as much chit chat between them. So far so good . . . the kids did pretty well today, other than the computers decided they needed updated. I also was made aware that the parental control seemed to have gone bye bye with the update . . . made aware in a very ~ahem~ oh my goodness kind of way. Needless to I took care of that immediately. 

Mrs. P also instituted a new sticker reward system. The kids seem a bit excited about that! She has four up and running and only two to go!

Tomorrow comes all too quickly . . . g'night.

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