Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School 2013-2014

It has been a while since I have posted . . . life tends to get in the way at times. I will try to do better and post more frequently.

The kids had a great summer and enjoyed it immensely. They continue to be with Mrs. P two days a week. They worked on some fun History Modules and even made an adobe.

Summer days at home were fun and full to overflowing.
Our summer project was hatching duck eggs and then raising the ducklings. We were successful and actually hatched seven ducklings. If you have not tried to hatch eggs, I whole heartily recommend giving it a try. Here is a look at our ducklings:

The very first peek at the new duckling Herridan.

Herridan and Sullivan

Six Cayuga Eggs were incubating.

Day 26 brought a little black bill poking through.

Before long . . . six ducklings

All the ducklings cooled off in the bathtub on those hot and steamy July days.

They were very good at swimming, fluffing and pooping!

Herridan and Sullivan grew quickly!

The boys love to swim in the lake with the ducks.

They are so grown up now at two months old.

The ducklings are grown now and have taken their place on the lake. Two newbies joined them yesterday. We call "Peepers" and regardless where they are, the answer with a loud QUACK and come back home because they know it is treat time.

What a great education through learning about animals.

What else did we do this summer?

made homemade flubber

went fishing - alot

caught a froggy

ate, ate and ate some more

swam in the pool and in the lake

It was a great summer . . .
now for a great school year!

Monday, April 8, 2013


A few weeks ago our kids took the Stanford Achievement Tests Online through Abeka Academy. We were thrilled to start them and even more thrilled to be finished with them after five mornings of the week.

Today, I received the results of the testing for my boys. Ryan did well on every subject except Language. No surprise to me there! Ryan is a typical boy and loathes Language. He scored well on all of the other testing subjects. Ryan also took the online testing during his Fourth Grade of school too.

EJ did not fare as well. I am not sure "why" they didn't, but do know that their daily school grades are much better than what the testing showed. Example: EJ excels in Spelling . . . however the Achievement Testing shows him scoring below average. That little dude generally gets between a 93 - 100% on his Spelling tests. Language and Reading Comprehension are not EJ's strong subjects, so I expected lower scores there.

Cameron confuses me . . . that boy extremely well in Word Study Skills - Post High School, but tanked on his Reading Vocabulary and comprehension. Language seems to be a challenge for Cameron too. Maybe it is ALL boys! Who Knows? 

The achievement tests may have thrown them off a bit. For me, it is helpful to show me where the boys need that extra focus.

If you Home School, I sincerely urge you to have your kids take the Achievement tests. The tests definitely help to narrow down those areas that your child may not be grasping as well as you thought.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I previously wrote about moving our classroom . . . well, the move is complete. I am thrilled to give the kids a bigger space and I now have an office right next to the classroom where Mrs. P  and the kids are. We are waiting for a few rows of chairs to be moved from the classroom before we put up all of our posters, charts and fun stuff, but the basics are done.

The classroom had been moved last Thursday and Friday. It was quite the ordeal. So far we are only missing a few things . . . not sure what happened there! I promised pictures, so here they are . . .
Now remember, the walls have not been decorated yet.

Randy will be taping down all cords this next week.
Each of the kids now have a new BIGGER desk with one large drawer in the center. I purchased colorful crates to hold all of their school books, notebooks, etc. They also each have new Dell All In One Computers! The screens are so big, the kids actually feel like they are part of the Abeka Academy Classes. 
The items in the back half of the class are theater seating (this room used to be the City council chambers) and need to be unbolted from the floor and moved out.

This is Ryan's desk. 

Aliyah's desk.

This is the front half of the classroom.
There are actually six desks

Art on my door.
I love that I am located right next to the classroom.
I get little kid visits throughout the day and I am always 
there to help out.

Friday, Cody didn't get his work finished, so Katelyn and I stayed and worked on the classroom while Cody finished up.
We were there until shortly after 7:00 p.m. organizing and tidying up. My OCD was raging with everything in boxes!
We simply began in an area each and tackled a little at a time.
I can't wait for our PB Paint Brush and Palate to be removed from our other classroom and brought over!
Then we will hang our pretties on the walls . . .
including white boards.

I have absolutely ZERO plans of moving the classroom again!
Whew . . . these past two weeks have been a bit of an overload!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day

Mrs. M had the kiddos busy today . . . it was Pi Day! Ask my kids about Pi . . . you just might be impressed!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Summer Project

A new project for the kiddos this spring/summer . . .

I have a lot of reading to do!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Room and Monitoring Software

This week we began our class in our new classroom. Although we still have organizing and decorating yet to do, the kids are all settled in. 

I am also thrilled that we have a new software program installed as well. Netop is a computer monitoring software for the classroom. I can see all SIX computer screens at one time.

The kids now know they are being watched over during their computer classes. In fact, one of my boys was actually shocked when I mentioned to Mrs. P that he had stopped his lesson after only watching part of the lesson. BUSTED!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Next week I will have pictures of our new classroom. We made a move this week and are trying to settle in. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changes in the Classroom

We arrived at our little Home School classroom in the rain this morning, however by the time we left this afternoon we had VERY large snowflakes. It was quite a change!

Our kiddos had a pretty good day today . . . and they worked together to tidy up the classroom as I worked at setting up new computers for each of them. Up to today, we had been using the small little notebook with Ubuntu software. We have had issues just about every day with at least one of the computers glitching and causing trouble. Today, I set up our new classroom computers - Dell All-In Ones with 20" screen. They are pretty sweet and the kids are THRILLED!  I hope to get a few photos tomorrow! 

Our computer tech will be installing Teacher Classroom Management software on each of the computers.
The new software will assist in keeping track of the kids . . .
what they are doing, locking out the internet - except for the classes, etc. I cannot wait to see it in use!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Much Better

Today was a MUCH better school day . . . insert happy face. The kids put forth a much better effort. 

I do have a few changes that will be taking place in the next few weeks for our little home school. One problem we have found in using the online school is that the kids quickly learn they can fast forward through a lesson. The parents section online shows the progress of the students and each online class. It does not show if the student has fast forwarded their lesson. The kids have a surprise on the horizon . . . a teacher's computer classroom monitoring software. The software allows the teacher to view each student's computer to see what they are doing, if they are on task and even if they are fast forwarding. The teacher can also lock the keyboard, mouse and even freeze the computer. There are so many advantages to the software. 

This is the software I chose: NETOP 

I can't wait to get it installed and setup! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We had our moments today . . . not good moment . . . just so you know. This morning was horrible by any means, but the afternoon was a different story.

Generally the early afternoon will find me going through each of my boys' teaching manual to make sure they have accomplished everything required for the day. There were also quizzes and tests to grade, so I separated each of the papers and began. 

Cody decided he didn't have to do his papers . . . well, he had another thought coming on that one. He was told to sit down at his desk and immediately get moving on those papers. He complied . . . whew, one down.

EJ was next . . . he had a little creative writing assignment for me to look at. I began reading and I am quite certain my mouth fell open. He started out with a nice story, but ended up telling about poop and someone's behind. Not really sure what THAT was all about . . . needless to say . . . he had to rewrite the entire assignment. He wasn't happy . . . it matched my emotion,  I wasn't happy either. EJ finished up his creative writing and worked on correcting a few of his seat-work papers. We went through the assignments for today and he had a small list of homework.

Ryan was next . . . he had a few tests to take and although he did o.k. I know he could do better. He had a few things to finish up and took care of them before we headed out the door. Ryan must stay on task each day or he will be delaying his summer.

Cameron was last . . . I am certainly glad he was because my mood went downhill quickly. From the grades he received on three of his tests, I could immediately tell he had not listened to each of his lessons as he was assigned each and every day. Poor test grades coupled with lessons not complete are NOT a good position to be in. Needless to say, he will not be enjoying activities as he will be working on his schoolwork . . . which may go into summer for him.

Most days are not extreme like today . . . to which I am THANKFUL!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Report Cards were printed today. Yes, even in Homeschool there are report cards! There were plenty of smiles when the grades were read for each subject. 

The boys had some ups and downs this past nine weeks . . . but they overcame and flourished! Homeschool can be extremely hard, but also extremely rewarding. Today was a rewarding kind of day!

Ryan is in the 5th grade . . . Math B, Reading B, Language A-, Penmanship B, Spelling B+, History B+ and Science A.

Cameron is in the 4th grade . . . Math B, Reading B-, Language B-, Penmanship B+, Spelling B-, History B and Science C+.

Evan is in the 3rd grade . . . Math B+, Reading B-, Language A, Penmanship A, Spelling A-, Science B+ and Health A+.

Cody is in the 1st grade . . . Math A, Reading A+, Penmanship B and Phonics A.

On to the next grading period!


Our little HomeSchool was FILLED with FUN and EXCITEMENT all day! The kids began chattering about how much fun they were going to have immediately upon waking this morning.

Mrs. M didn't disappoint!
The kids had a FULL day of Crafts, learning and Fun!

Here are some photos from my iphone . . .

Hugs, love, sharing of Valentine Cards, gifts and candy!

I think the joy was actually overflowing in this room!

Busy with yarn and scissors - making little birdies.

Pretty Valentine Dress!

He is just waiting to be allowed to indulge in the yummy goodness!

Wrapping and gluing!

CUTE little Angry Lovebirds!

The crafts all came out so cute!
Mrs. M sure comes up with some awesome crafts!
The kids also made Love Potion (fruity drink).
The had many things to learn.
Ate yummy pizza.
had a really great day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home School Time Saver

Home school has had its challenges the past few weeks. Some days I am simply worn out by the time school is over. 

One thing that helps me with Home School is the online I Grade Plus online grade book. It really helps to keep me on top of what graded assignments, quizzes, tests, book reports, extra credit, etc. the boys need to accomplish. 

Here is the link: CLICK HERE

I literally use the igradeplus website each and every day to record grades. It is also wonderful to have for figuring grades for progress reports or report cards.

I Grade Plus makes this home school mama's day a little easier!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Praying Over Blankets

We had a GREAT Mrs. M day yesterday!!!

The kids were thrilled!!! A trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up fleece and then back to our class to begin work on Baby Blankets for babies in Haiti.

Cody and his Hot Wheels flames material.

Mrs. M and Aliyah working on a knotted baby blanket.

EJ is working on his baseball blanket - 
EJ made sure to let everyone know it is for a BOY.

Aliyah is working hard on cutting and knotting.

Ryan with his monkey material.
Mrs. P is in the background.
Cameron is working on cutting.

Keriah has a beautiful ballerina material.

Praying over the finished baby blankets.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am totally not opposed to BRIBING my children to get their school work done.

Today was one of those days!

And yes, it worked for all but one child . . .
he is still working on his school papers and it is almost 3:00 p.m.

Can you guess which one?

Well, if you guessed . . .


You would be right!

Pick at his pencil, watch the other kids, chew on his eraser, mess in his desk . . . you name it. 

He is gradually getting finished . . .
hope he gets done before dark!

We really DID have a very busy day!!!
Take a look at my desk . . .

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Learning about Nasty Germs

On Thursday, Mrs. M came all geared up to teach the kids about


The kids had a blast . . .they became little scientists once again.

Geared up with Q-tips, potato slice and ziplock baggie the kids went to work gathering "germ" samples.

You won't believe the samples they came up with . . .

light switches, garbage can, garbage dumpster, closet,
under the chair 1/2, under EJ's desk, the potty mat for Beckett,
the corner of the room, the door knob, the urinal, the computer shelf, EJ's mouth, EJ's ear, the bathroom sink, corner of the desk,
Beckett's hiney and more,  I am sure I have forgotten some.

They had a BLAST!

They are also growing mold . . .
they love checking on it every day.