Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow Globes

Today my little classroom made Nativity Snow globes. 
They are adorable!!!

The kids were so excited to make them and they were super simple!

They are so VERY cute!

To make your own Snow Globe . . .

Jar - we used a Ball jar with the sealing lid.
It needs to be large enough for your miniature figure to sit flat on the lid with the jar in place.

Glitter - we used craft snow glitter

Glycerin - found in the craft area where soap making supplies are

Distilled/bottled water

pretty tape to decorate the lid edge

To make:

I used marine grade epoxy to glue the figures to the lid. I let it dry overnight - but make sure to check your directions.

add glitter - I make sure to cover the bottom of the jar and then a bit more to make sure there is plenty of "snow"

add 1 teaspoon glycerin

put lid on jar - make sure it is tight

we used a bit of tape to decorate the lid of the jar


Give it a try . . . too easy and such fun!

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