Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a Glitch in Our Day

Back to school yesterday after Thanksgiving break. Home again today . . . first, there was a HUGE power outage that affected our building where our little school room is. While I was on the phone leaving messages for Melissa and Mrs. P, the boys came running upstairs screaming, "Mommy, Cody is PUKING!" rang in my ears over and over. Something tells me we aren't suppose to leave the house today. However, school continues . . . ipads x 3 boys. They may not be able to do their papers, but they certainly can listen to their lessons. (The boys weren't overly thrilled with the ease I switched modes from the classroom to our kitchen table.) 

Home Schooling can be fun and inventive!

1 comment:

  1. Power outages and Puke. Two of my worst fears! Good for you for being able to shoot at the hip and come up with Plan B!