Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a Glitch in Our Day

Back to school yesterday after Thanksgiving break. Home again today . . . first, there was a HUGE power outage that affected our building where our little school room is. While I was on the phone leaving messages for Melissa and Mrs. P, the boys came running upstairs screaming, "Mommy, Cody is PUKING!" rang in my ears over and over. Something tells me we aren't suppose to leave the house today. However, school continues . . . ipads x 3 boys. They may not be able to do their papers, but they certainly can listen to their lessons. (The boys weren't overly thrilled with the ease I switched modes from the classroom to our kitchen table.) 

Home Schooling can be fun and inventive!

Friday, November 16, 2012

9 Week Report Cards, Progress Reports and pictures!

Homeschool today is actually at home. The boys are studying at the kitchen table and at the breakfast bar. The house is totally crazy . . . Araceli simply smiles. 

Katelyn was in the kitchen when I came down. Homemade chicken soup for dinner is in the crock pot. Then she made pancakes and eggs for lunch. The boys were thrilled and the house smells yummy!

I haven't posted school pictures lately . . . so here you go. Chinese Dragon day and Giving Thanks Day.


Our first NINE weeks has officially ended and all grades are in!

Report Card Grades are:

Cameron: Grade 4 
Math: 91% B+, Reading: 91% B+, Language 91% B+, Penmanship 88% B, Spelling: 90% B, History: 81% C, 
Science: 91% B+

Ryan: Grade 5
Math: 88% B, Reading: 90% B, Language: 91% B+, 
Penmanship: 83% C+, Spelling: 86% B-, History: 92% B+,
Science: 92% B+

Progress Reports:

EJ: Grade 3
Math: 92% A-, Reading: 90% B, Language: 98% A, 
Penmanship: 96% A, Spelling: 99% A, Science: 95% A

Cody: Grade 1
Math: 99% A, Reading 100% A+, Phonics: 100% A+, Penmanship: 90% B.

The boys are really doing well, although some days can really be challenging! Many times people think Home School is easy . . . not so for my kiddos! Mrs. P and I make sure they are learning everything they can!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Little Home School Update

Week 9 of school is almost complete - 2 more days to a complete nine weeks. Then Report Cards for Ryan and Cameron . . . and Progress Reports for EJ and Cody.

These past weeks the older two boys have been learning how to study for tests and quizzes. It is really a challenge to TEACH someone how to study!
Especially 9 and 10 year old boys!

Yesterday, the kids learned more about China.
They had so much fun with Mrs. M . . .
She always makes learning fun.

The kids learned to make Pumpkin Pie in a bag.
They thought is was fun and tasted very yummy.

The learned about clouds and fog.

Took a little trip to a local park to let some of their energy out.

They also made little Chinese "drums" ~ which turned out adorable! We had little drums rap tap tapping for quite a while!

Thursdays are always special days!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mrs. M Day!

Yesterday . . .
was Mrs. M day at school.
The kids studied about China . . .
China is a place that is near and dear to Mrs. M's heart!

I took these photos with my cell phone - sorry they are so dark.

The kids learned about China.
They made lanterns . . . decorated with Chinese letters
and pretty drawings.

They had a great time.