Monday, October 22, 2012


I am thrilled . . .
we made it through the first six weeks of homeschool!

Today, my youngest two received their report cards . . .
the other two are on 9 week schedules . . .
not sure why Abeka has them divided into 6 and 9 weeks, but they do  . . . So I go with it!

Evan (EJ) is in Grade 3:
Math: 96% A
Reading: 92% B+
Language: 90% B
Penmanship: 90% b
Spelling: 95% A-
Science: 94% A-

Cody is in Grade 1:
Math: 99% A
Penmanship: 94% A-
Phonics: 100% A+

Ryan and Cameron both had their Progress Reports come out . . .

Ryan is in Grade 5:
Math: 91% B+
Reading: 92% B+
Language: 86% B-
Penmanship: 82% C+ 
Spelling: 88% B
History: 91% B+
Science: 87% B-

Cameron is in Grade 4:
Math: 93% B+
Reading: 92% B+
Language: 93% B+
Penmanship: 89% B
Spelling: 94% A-
History: 80% C
Science: 82% C+

The boys are realizing Homeschool isn't any easier than going to the school they had always gone to. In fact, this Mama and our Mrs. P insist they accomplish the subjects in FULL. Meaning: the skill sheets, the homework, the extra studying for quizzes and test, etc. MUST be completed. The grading curve remains advanced as well ~ we do not use the 10 point scale . . . if we did, my boys would have all A's and B's ~ those C's wouldn't exist.

Ryan and Cameron are realizing school is getting a bit more challenging with every passing year. They are both LEARNING  how to study.

I feel we are off to a great school year!

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