Monday, September 17, 2012

School Day 9


I am beyond thrilled!!!
Week three has started out in a positive way!!!
Woo Hoo for the kids!

Today our nieces A & K joined us for school.
It is fun to have two little gals in the class.
Everyone worked so hard on their schoolwork today!!!

We worked on Division . . . hard stuff!
The girls love working on the chalkboard!

Miss K loved writing her cursive letter K!
Miss A worked at mastering division.
I am proud of them both!

My boys got right to their work today!
So exciting to see them know exactly what to do and start up right away! Way to go guys!!!

I try to limit the homework . . .
they work so hard in our class, I think home should be for family ~
not homework. Although, there are days we simply cannot accomplish everything . . . so homework comes home.
We are using the Abeka curriculum and online Streaming.
The online teachers are VERY thorough!!!
The kids learn very quickly with their teaching technique.

Tonight . . . we all enjoy a bit of relaxation.

Tomorrow . . . another great day!

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