Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School Day 7

Midweek and School Day # 7 for us today!

As you can see by the picture below . . .
EJ has made himself comfortable in class today . . .
shoes are off!

EJ was finished with the listening portion of his day . . .
onto seatwork!

Cody was enjoying his lesson when I took this photo.

Cameron was M.I.A. when I took this photo . . .
Ryan was all happy, happy though!

Katelyn joined us for the morning!
I Love seeing her smiling face.

Today was Mrs. P's last day in class . . .
we can't wait to hear exciting news on Friday or Saturday!!!
Doesn't she look so gorgeous?
We are going to miss her while she is gone!

Tomorrow Mrs. M will be in for art, science and field trips day.
I am sure she will have something extraordinary for the boys!

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