Thursday, September 6, 2012


School went pretty well for all of the boys today.
We, Mrs. P, Mrs. M and I continue to learn each of the boys' learning patterns. It was amazing to watch two beautiful Christian teachers work with my boys today. The boys are adjusting to our "Home School" quickly and are excited each morning to head out the door and get busy with their school day.

Mrs. P joined us again today . . .
although baby is due any time!
Mrs. P is wonderful with academics and explains things clearly for the boys if needed. I love her patience and structure.

Such excitement during ART! 

Could there be anything more fun?

Or Exciting?

Mrs. M sure makes learning FUN!

Not sure what Cody was thinking when I snapped this photo!

The boys were totally engrossed in their globe making.

Their globe are now drying.
They really did a great job!

Mrs. M ended our school day with enthusiasm, praise, love and prayer! I love the smiles I saw on my boys' faces today and the enthusiasm they have from a full but FUN day!

Thanks Mrs. M!

I am so very thankful for these two PRECIOUS ladies!
God placed them in our little Home School and I am thrilled to have the assistance and backup!

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