Monday, September 24, 2012


We are officially in our THIRD week of Homeschool and are definitely in a Homeschool kind of groove!

Generally, we begin school at 8:30 a.m. ~ give or take a few minutes. Each of the kids get their computer from the computer cabinet where it has been charging since the end of school the day before. They bring it to my desk to log on to the wifi and then into Abeka Academy to begin their lessons for the day. Each have their own list of lessons and they simply go down the list. I keep track of what they are to be accomplishing from the teacher/dvd manual.
I also keep a little steno pad for each of the kiddos - a great idea from Mrs. P . . . it makes for easy reference each day.

As they do their assignments each day, I . . . 
  • take attendence ~ mark it in
  • look over their seatwork papers 
  • grade their quizzes, tests and speed drills
  • put all grades into the gradebook
  • listen to their oral reading and help them to read word for word instead of inputting their own version of the story.
  • try to keep each one on task so they finish their assignments each day ~ sometimes this is not an easy task
  • help with questions about addition, subtraction
  • work multiplication and division ~ many times on the chalk board
  • read the kids the WEIRD Fact of the Day ~ we giggle and the kids like to jot things down in their little planners
  • I also try to read to all of them each day . . . we are currently reading about Spunky in Spunky's Diary.
  • We have snack time.
  • We have lunch time.
  • I take pictures.
  • We take care of our hedgehog.
It is important for me to take time with each child every day. Each of them have their very own little personality and needs each and every day. I love it when they all swarm my desk  . . . sometimes it is because they are "stuck" on something . . . sometimes it is to tell me something . . . sometimes it is for a little support or encouragement . . . sometimes it is just to be close. Today, I had four kiddos at my desk and I helped them ALL at one time! They were all so good about "sharing" me. 

Each of the kids learn at their own pace and it is important to me that they learn what the online streaming teacher is teaching them. It is so much easier to make sure they get it rather than backup several lessons when it is test time and we find out they didn't quite "get it"! So far, the kids are doing very well in their classes. The quiz and test scores are positive proof!

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