Friday, September 21, 2012

May I Introduce You?

Last day of the school week for these little cherubs!
I thought . . .
Hmmmm, we need an impromptu field trip!
Off to the pet place . . .

Of course, this brood wouldn't all fit in my car, so . . .
Randy drove his and took two of the kids.

We arrived at the pet place and the kids were immediately drawn to these guys: Puppies

I quickly shooed them inside . . .
they saw all kinds of little animals.
I kept them on task and only needed to use my whistle ONE time.

We picked out a little hedgehog, quickly checked out and headed back to our classroom so we could set up her habitat!
(We have been LEARNING about HABITATS!)

She is a sweet little girl!

The kids ALL LOVE HER!

She is quite spikey . . .
but easily calmed.

She is a real cutie!

The kids were amazed while watching her!

She was quite curious.

I can't believe how much she lifts up off the floor.

Her little nose stays pretty busy.

The kids could not agree on ONE name for  . . . 
Miss Button Von Hedgie (as Katelyn calls her)
So her official name is:
Eeassa Spikela Coconut Spike Sonic Blaze

(now all the kids can use the name for her they chose ~ 
everyone is happy!)

She loves to burrow!

Her cage is color coordinated!

We made sure her cage was safe for her.
We enclosed the sides so she wouldn't escape.

Then we printed her name out on labels so each of the kids could have one . . . as well as her cage.

This sweet lil' one LOVES JuJu's school!

She wanted to join us several mornings this week.

A bit on the prickly side!

and she rolls up in a little prickly ball!

She is pretty cool!

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