Friday, September 28, 2012

Homeschool Day 19

Today was a lovely school day ~ with one exception, and I will be asking for a bit of prayer on that one.

I am thankful for my Five hardworking students!
They all had such a happy spirit today and put their little noses right to the "grindstone" to get their assignments for the day completed! I was thrilled for them!!!

That brings me to my prayer request . . .
my second son is testing the boundaries . . . BIG TIME!
Today was the THIRD day he tried to fast forward through his lessons and exclaim how quickly he was getting finished.
Of course, it was VERY easy for me to know he was not being truthful simply by looking at his lesson timing.
His papers are also a HUGE tip something is not right.
I am so thankful I am right there to stop his nonsense and start him over on ALL lessons for the day.
Of course, this makes for an unhappy son . . .
but, he is making unwise choices and I am too stubborn to let him continue on that little journey!

I ask you to pray first of all for me ~ I know, without a doubt God set us on the home school pathway for all of our boys. 

  • I simply ask for prayers for endurance to make sure, without a doubt he is listening, learning and completing his work. 
  • I also request prayers for wisdom, grace and mercy . . . I definitely want to teach my son and also minister to him. Being a Mama is a hard task . . . being a Mama/teacher to a child who tries to "get by" is challenging.
I don't want to close this post without offering up Praises!

I am Thankful and Give Praise:

  • For giggles and laughter in our classroom
  • For loving children 
  • For children interested in learning new things
  • For a lovely classroom
  • For special helpers and teachers
  • For animal lovers
  • For questions and good comments
  • For great listeners
  • For all of the "learning" I actually get
  • For the hugs
  • For the snuggles while reading
  • For the happiness I see when the kids "GET IT!"
  • For children not afraid to ask questions
  • For my support group
I am truly blessed with my six little ones in my little class.
I love each and every one and get so excited with them as they learn. I know it is a BIG change for three of my boys ~ to be at home school and two little girls that are learning for the first time with other children.

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