Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home School Day 2

Home School Day 2 . . .

Today was a much easier day at our Home School.
The computers cooperated nicely. 
It was very nice to be able to get the kids all moving along without the craziness we had yesterday.

I was bombarded with papers as the boys completed their seatwork. It took a while to check each paper and then go back over anything they didn't quite "get".

I was excited to see Ryan excel in his studies right off this year.
He is trying hard and doing well.
Spelling words were introduced today and I cautioned him to be extremely careful with his penmanship . . . so I can read it.

Cameron had a much better day today. He didn't mess around like he did yesterday. He tried to NOT read the story assigned, but quickly learned Mom will ask questions to make sure he KNOWS the story well. The first three questions I asked him, he did not know the answers. SO ~ he was instructed to once again read the story again. I had him sit by the door, away from the other boys to read. It was amazing ~~~ he knew every answer!

These first days are so important to setting the pace 
and practices for the year.

Evan James began the morning messing with the computer.
He would click another button on the computer and bring up another application. When I noticed he was not staying in "step" with his brothers, I asked him what he was doing. He brought the computer to me and tried to make me believe he didn't do anything.
Hmmm, three windows were open and there should have only been one open. So, he was instructed once again . . . to not play when he is to be learning. We also worked on telling time. I know he didn't have a problem with knowing how, however I did notice he was trying to get by without wearing his glasses. Needless to say, he put his glasses on and finished his paper up without problem.

Cody got right to it this morning.
He had everyone's Bible on their desks for Bible class.
He did pretty well with his computer ~ a few user errors.
He is working on learning cursive writing.
We had to practice those iiii and eeee letters.

I was very pleased with everyone's progress today.
They finished up their schooling in great time and were thrilled to have accomplished it without problem.

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