Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home School 2012-2013 Day 1

I know you have been on pins and needles all day waiting for my first day of school post . . .

Sorry it has taken me until now.

Ryan was up about 6:15 a.m. He came into my bedroom several times to see if it was time to get up yet.
I made him go back to bed until 6:40 a.m.
He woke everyone and then began the list of To Dos before school.
The other boys were soon in the bathroom brushing hair and teeth.
Breakfast and getting dressed went quickly and before we knew it, we were out the door.

First on the agenda was to get everyone connected to wifi.
That was the easy part.
The kids all began their classes, but it was soon evident the computers needed a bit of tweaking.
The systems are running on Unbuntu software . . .
apparently schools use it . . .
I am pretty versed in Windows . . . 
Unbuntu took a bit of getting used to.
If the boys let their computer sit for too long while doing seatwork, they would go to black screen and lock. The password the computer wanted was randomly chosen by the computer . . . it was weird.
One by one, the kids finished up their work while I continued tending to the computers.
When they were finished with each computer, I began deciphering what each needed to prevent the screen from sleeping and then locking every 5 to 10 minutes.
Needless to say, the computers caused a bit of stress for me, but I think they are all working now.
(At least I let them sit running for about 30 minutes and they didn't shut off any more.)

Prayerfully, tomorrow the computers will be operating at 100% and we can breeze through our day.

Here are pictures of our first day. 
So it begins . . .

Cody was thrilled with his school day!
He got through all of his work and was ready to play.
I am thankful I had plenty to keep him busy.

Cameron seemed to take the longest to get his work done . . .
an hour and a half longer than the others.
We will remedy that tomorrow.

Ryan took right to his day like he has done it all his life.
Once the computer was connected to the wifi he was off and running. He had a few tiny adjustments to make on his work, but finished it up in good time.

EJ was excited to get going this morning.
A few quick lessons on the computer - or rather how not to mess with it when he isn't supposed to was all it took.

Beckett attended her first day of school today.
She made sure where Mama was at all times.
She was a good girl!

As you can see . . .
Cody was listening/watching his First Grade teacher.
She is very expressive and fun to listen to.

Day 2 . . . begins in the morning.

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