Saturday, September 8, 2012



My boys entered into the world of "Home School" this past week.
It was a HUGE change for three of them.

Computers, Headphones, Mama as a School Teacher

Ryan was thrilled to Home School this year. He received his first taste of Home School after Christmas last school year. When asked what he wanted this year, the answer was easy for him . . . 
Home School!

The boys are becoming MORE than just BROTHERS . . .
they are quickly becoming BEST FRIENDS!

It doesn't matter that EACH are in their OWN class . . .
they interact with the class on the video streaming.

Practicing Spelling Words with the class is fun!
Even if it means saying words aloud with your headset on.
(Which may or may not disturb your brothers.)

As you can see . . . EJ is listening to his lesson.
Not sure why the look on his face . . . he really DOES like Home School and is doing well academically.

Change can be good . . .
but sometimes it is fine to leave things the way they are.

Cody was listening to his Phonics lesson when he became irritated.
Who is Cody?
What are they saying wrong?
"The way they say their L's."
Why are they saying them wrong?
"They are saying el el el el el el el BUT they should be saying LL, LL, LL, LL, LL . . . see they are saying it WRONG!"
Oh, I see. Well, Mrs. S taught you to say it the way we would say it where we live. The Abeka Academy is in Florida and they must say it a little different. Cody, you go ahead and say it the way Mrs. S taught you. "O.K" Agreeing with Mama and Mrs. P Cody returned to his lesson and pronounced his L's the way he was taught in Kindergarten. All was well in the world of First Grade!

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