Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hesitant . . . BLESSED

Today I met with a wonderful and long-time friend. It was so great to see and talk with her! We are both excited . . .

She is going to help with Science projects and Art in our Homeschool. What a HUGE Blessing from God!

I spoke with the boys about the Science and Art projects this afternoon and they were jumping up and down. 
They LOVE hands on "everything"! 

I have to share with you . . .
when Homeschooling all four boys first came into my mind, I was a bit hesitant . . . how in the world am I going to "teach" four boys of different grades? How is it manageable?

I have to tell you . . .
God is absolutely AMAZING!
He has brought it ALL together and given me peace, excitement
AND the BLESSINGS of not One, but Two experienced teachers to assist me through this year. 

Can I tell you . . . I feel so unworthy to be Blessed THIS much! 

My boys will have an AMAZING school year!

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