Saturday, August 25, 2012


Our summer is quickly disappearing . . .
most kids are back in school in this area.
My boys are enjoying a little bit longer summer . . . 
our school begins September 4.
I always wondered why schools started BEFORE Labor Day, only to just get started and then have a day off.
So, I laid out our school calendar a bit different.
We will still get in our required days/hours, we will simply be changing up the school year a bit.

This morning I logged each of the boys into the Abeka Academy video streaming so they could each see their teacher(s).
They each had HUGE smiles on their faces!
I believe they are READY to begin our new adventure.
I too am excited!

I will be making sure all computers are all set to go 
PRIOR to September 4.

This afternoon Katelyn and I will be getting everything we can finished up! We have a lot of things to put on the walls, a storage unit to put together, teacher books to put on our book cart . . .
The fun abounds!

Pictures to come!

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