Saturday, August 25, 2012


We achieved as much as possible in our classroom today.

We hung a few encouragement posters.

Hung our paints.

Our flag and alphabet.

The Ten Commandments are on the front of my Ugly desk.

The Pez refills are in the Candy Award jar.

The Pez Guys are in their jar.

My desk and resources are in place.

Katelyn, Mia and Beckett tested out the comfy chair.

The paint brush and paper roll need hung . . .
The white board and chalk boards need hung too!
Plus our clock.
I have asked Randy to help with that. 

The computer and wifi will be set up this next week by the computer guys.

Two desks will be delivered this week as well as the chairs.

A table for our art and science will be brought in too.

After the wifi is on I will key up each child's computer to their log in page on Abeka Academy so all is ready for Day1.

The days are quickly approaching and we are ALMOST ready!

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