Monday, August 13, 2012


A little more progress was made in our classroom tonight.
Ryan, Katelyn and I washed down the teacher desk and put together a teacher's activity center.

It took all three of us to put it together,.
Katelyn hung our charts all in order . . . Woo Hoo.
There is plenty of space to store teaching materials too.
For now . . . Math blocks . . . pretty cool manipulatives and white boards are stored there.

This unique set of base ten components conveniently interlocks to clarify place value, estimation and operations concepts by enabling students to manipulate and visualize varying quantities with ease. More advanced students can explore spatial relationships and volume. Plastic set is washable and durable for years of hands-on activities. Great for centers or individual exploration. Boxed set features 100 units, 30 rods, 10 flats, 1 cube and 96-page Base Ten Book filled with teaching ideas.

I am really loving my jars . . .
Great for storing all kinds of school supplies.

Our days are numbered before school starts.
I want everything to be in place and perfect before we begin.

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