Sunday, August 26, 2012


I came across this photo on Facebook this morning.

I am certain ~ Parents of BOYS are shaking their heads "YES" this is exactly how boys "think". Boys love the DANGER.

In fact, my boys have been showing their love for DANGER this past week and their poor bodies are well . . . trying to endure.

Ryan has been "mastering" the skateboard.
He "practiced" riding it down the sidewalk hill from our front yard to our back yard. I always INSIST he wear his helmet!
That boy has had more crashes than I cared to hear . . .
I cringed each and every time I heard the skateboard making its way (with or without Ryan) down the sidewalk hill.

Cameron has been "mastering" his bicycle without training wheels.
We tried to teach him in the grass where the CRASH would not be so . . . painful. Cameron couldn't get the hang of it in the backyard, so he tried the front sidewalk. Again, I INSISTED he wear his helmet! The crashes were many . . .the "jump off the bike" too many to count. He did get the hang of it . . . his shins show the wear and tear of the learning process.

The other day I had errands to take care of, so the kids were home with Daddy. They headed outside to ride their bicycles.
Picture four boys all riding together on a sidewalk.
One of the boys has taken "ride together" as meaning . . .
"Ride your bicycle as close to your brother as possible."
As you can imagine . . . there was a pileup.
Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.
When I arrived home and heard the story of the pileup I decided it was necessary to explain "ride together". I explained it did NOT mean to be able to touch your brother, but safely ride along with your brothers. We will see how it goes this week.

Now back to the picture above . . .
Would my boys try to "tackle the hill"?

No doubt about it!

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