Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Preparations

I am looking forward to this week.
The boys and I will be working on our classroom.
They are excited too!

I am finishing up clerical things like . . .

* lessons

*our school calendar

*thinking up fun field trips

*and will be meeting with a sweet, 
sweet lady about art and science projects for my boys.

We will also be setting up our classroom!
Although we will be working on this part for a few weeks ~
still waiting on two desks to arrive.

We have all of our school supplies . . .
I combined colored pencils into a big jar . . .
for everyone to use.
It looks adorable!

I have also been reading Home School books from other moms in the trenches of home school.

A few of the titles:

The Organized Teacher

Our Favorite Homeschool Activities Ever

Back To Homeschool

The First Year Teacher's Survival Guide

. . .

I definitely have some reading to do.

Better get to it.

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