Friday, August 31, 2012



Today . . . Katelyn, the boys and I finished up our classroom!

We are THRILLED!!!!

The computer guy was hooking up the wifi for us while we were putting the finishing touches on our room!

Would you believe I forgot my camera?

Katelyn and I took pictures with our cell phones . . .

Back of the chair pouches to hold supplies and books.

The back of the classroom.

The art center/computer charging area.

The computer guy working on the computer systems.

Book cart, School Bucket List Bucket and Snacks

Love the paintbrush, colors and paper roll.

a peek inside from the hallway

Next week I will try to remember my camera for better pictures.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I came across this photo on Facebook this morning.

I am certain ~ Parents of BOYS are shaking their heads "YES" this is exactly how boys "think". Boys love the DANGER.

In fact, my boys have been showing their love for DANGER this past week and their poor bodies are well . . . trying to endure.

Ryan has been "mastering" the skateboard.
He "practiced" riding it down the sidewalk hill from our front yard to our back yard. I always INSIST he wear his helmet!
That boy has had more crashes than I cared to hear . . .
I cringed each and every time I heard the skateboard making its way (with or without Ryan) down the sidewalk hill.

Cameron has been "mastering" his bicycle without training wheels.
We tried to teach him in the grass where the CRASH would not be so . . . painful. Cameron couldn't get the hang of it in the backyard, so he tried the front sidewalk. Again, I INSISTED he wear his helmet! The crashes were many . . .the "jump off the bike" too many to count. He did get the hang of it . . . his shins show the wear and tear of the learning process.

The other day I had errands to take care of, so the kids were home with Daddy. They headed outside to ride their bicycles.
Picture four boys all riding together on a sidewalk.
One of the boys has taken "ride together" as meaning . . .
"Ride your bicycle as close to your brother as possible."
As you can imagine . . . there was a pileup.
Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.
When I arrived home and heard the story of the pileup I decided it was necessary to explain "ride together". I explained it did NOT mean to be able to touch your brother, but safely ride along with your brothers. We will see how it goes this week.

Now back to the picture above . . .
Would my boys try to "tackle the hill"?

No doubt about it!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


We achieved as much as possible in our classroom today.

We hung a few encouragement posters.

Hung our paints.

Our flag and alphabet.

The Ten Commandments are on the front of my Ugly desk.

The Pez refills are in the Candy Award jar.

The Pez Guys are in their jar.

My desk and resources are in place.

Katelyn, Mia and Beckett tested out the comfy chair.

The paint brush and paper roll need hung . . .
The white board and chalk boards need hung too!
Plus our clock.
I have asked Randy to help with that. 

The computer and wifi will be set up this next week by the computer guys.

Two desks will be delivered this week as well as the chairs.

A table for our art and science will be brought in too.

After the wifi is on I will key up each child's computer to their log in page on Abeka Academy so all is ready for Day1.

The days are quickly approaching and we are ALMOST ready!


Our summer is quickly disappearing . . .
most kids are back in school in this area.
My boys are enjoying a little bit longer summer . . . 
our school begins September 4.
I always wondered why schools started BEFORE Labor Day, only to just get started and then have a day off.
So, I laid out our school calendar a bit different.
We will still get in our required days/hours, we will simply be changing up the school year a bit.

This morning I logged each of the boys into the Abeka Academy video streaming so they could each see their teacher(s).
They each had HUGE smiles on their faces!
I believe they are READY to begin our new adventure.
I too am excited!

I will be making sure all computers are all set to go 
PRIOR to September 4.

This afternoon Katelyn and I will be getting everything we can finished up! We have a lot of things to put on the walls, a storage unit to put together, teacher books to put on our book cart . . .
The fun abounds!

Pictures to come!

Monday, August 13, 2012


A little more progress was made in our classroom tonight.
Ryan, Katelyn and I washed down the teacher desk and put together a teacher's activity center.

It took all three of us to put it together,.
Katelyn hung our charts all in order . . . Woo Hoo.
There is plenty of space to store teaching materials too.
For now . . . Math blocks . . . pretty cool manipulatives and white boards are stored there.

This unique set of base ten components conveniently interlocks to clarify place value, estimation and operations concepts by enabling students to manipulate and visualize varying quantities with ease. More advanced students can explore spatial relationships and volume. Plastic set is washable and durable for years of hands-on activities. Great for centers or individual exploration. Boxed set features 100 units, 30 rods, 10 flats, 1 cube and 96-page Base Ten Book filled with teaching ideas.

I am really loving my jars . . .
Great for storing all kinds of school supplies.

Our days are numbered before school starts.
I want everything to be in place and perfect before we begin.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hesitant . . . BLESSED

Today I met with a wonderful and long-time friend. It was so great to see and talk with her! We are both excited . . .

She is going to help with Science projects and Art in our Homeschool. What a HUGE Blessing from God!

I spoke with the boys about the Science and Art projects this afternoon and they were jumping up and down. 
They LOVE hands on "everything"! 

I have to share with you . . .
when Homeschooling all four boys first came into my mind, I was a bit hesitant . . . how in the world am I going to "teach" four boys of different grades? How is it manageable?

I have to tell you . . .
God is absolutely AMAZING!
He has brought it ALL together and given me peace, excitement
AND the BLESSINGS of not One, but Two experienced teachers to assist me through this year. 

Can I tell you . . . I feel so unworthy to be Blessed THIS much! 

My boys will have an AMAZING school year!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Classroom is Coming Together . . . Pictures

I am THRILLED . . .
our classroom is on its way to beauty and function!

Here are a few pictures:

Multiplication chalk and magnetic board. 

A cart of books to read . . . full of adventure.

a Close up of the Multiplication board

The Solar System

 The alphabet sits below canvas of bugs on the windows.
Posters waiting to be hung in place. 

Cody decided to try out a desk . . .
hmmm guess I will need to adjust the height of both the chair and the desk for him!

EJ's turn . . . adjustments needed.

Cameron's turn . . . even he requires adjustment!

 a fun way to store colored pencils

I am excited our classroom is coming together!
The boys and Katelyn were a big help today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Preparations

I am looking forward to this week.
The boys and I will be working on our classroom.
They are excited too!

I am finishing up clerical things like . . .

* lessons

*our school calendar

*thinking up fun field trips

*and will be meeting with a sweet, 
sweet lady about art and science projects for my boys.

We will also be setting up our classroom!
Although we will be working on this part for a few weeks ~
still waiting on two desks to arrive.

We have all of our school supplies . . .
I combined colored pencils into a big jar . . .
for everyone to use.
It looks adorable!

I have also been reading Home School books from other moms in the trenches of home school.

A few of the titles:

The Organized Teacher

Our Favorite Homeschool Activities Ever

Back To Homeschool

The First Year Teacher's Survival Guide

. . .

I definitely have some reading to do.

Better get to it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Too Funny Not To Post!

The School Computers Came In

Today the school computers I ordered for my youngest three arrived. The boys were thrilled . . . I was relieved!
Each are identical so I labeled each one.

They are smallish, so I included a picture of one with my coffee cup so you can get a reference point. They will fit wonderfully on their desk AND are TUFF! Just what we needed!

The Dell description read:

Expand your students' horizons with the Dell™ Latitude™ 2120. As the centerpiece of Dell's Connected Classroom solution, this durable, cost-efficient netbook empowers students and teachers through innovative collaboration, fast connectivity and safe, easy access to digital content. And, thanks to the latitude commitment to support, administrative peace of mind is built right in.
  • Student-friendly design: Be ready for school with a durable rubberized case, an optional carrying handle and an optional tamper-resistant design keyboard featuring antimicrobial product protection*.
  • Personalized for your school: Show your school colors with three color options and a personalization window for easy identification.
  • Administrative peace of mind: Get the recognized support options of the Dell latitude family, including remote systems management, long life cycles and managed transitions.
The price was reasonable too! A HUGE PLUS!

Another PLUS . . . a Dell representative called me today to see make sure I had received them and to ask if I had any questions.

So far, I am beyond pleased with the computers.
I can't wait for the boys to get started!