Saturday, July 21, 2012


Tonight I was very determined to get all of one grade level assignments put into my grading system. The entire year of assignments - 170 for several of the subjects, but less for others.
That is a LOT of typing!

I am beyond THRILLED to have Third Grade in my Grade book,
Ready for the entire year.

I looked and looked for an ONLINE Grade book and came across this one:

I am home schooling all four of my boys through Abeka Academy.
The 1 and 3 grades are set up on 6 week grading periods.
The 4 and 5 grades are set up on 9 week grading periods.
So, I made two separate grade books.
Two of my boys are in one grade book 
and my other two in another.

I typed in each class name and grade . . .

The program lets the user set up Classes, Terms, Grading Scales, Assignment Categories, and Attendance.

I chose not to list a date for each lesson . . .
this gives me the freedom to insert a field trip on the fly.
I will date one week of lessons at a time.

It does take a bit of time to input each of the lessons . . .
but next year I will only need to input grade 6 and 2 since I will already have the other lessons in the grade book.
I should add, as long as Abeka doesn't change their curriculum. lol

I really like this Grade book ONLINE software.
I have a user name and password.
I can access my grade book anytime.
It even prints reports.

I tried a few others - including on my ipad and they weren't exactly what I needed for Home School.
So far, "igrade" gets an A+ from me!

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