Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Few Cute Homeschool Ideas

While hanging out on Pinterest tonight I found some really cute Home School fun!

I think our school room door should look like this.

Isn't this fun?

Although this was an advertisement on Pinterest,
 I thought it was funny!


So it Begins . . .

This evening Katelyn, Ryan and I worked on our classroom for school. We had several boxes to open up and sort through.
School supplies, curriculum, dictionaries, encyclopedia, fun stuff, teaching aids, desk supplies, etc.

It took us almost two hours, but we accomplished quite a bit.
I am thankful to have a room all dedicated to schooling.

The room will come together pretty easily . . .
I am thrilled!

Katelyn began putting posters in poster frames . . .
they look really great.

Ryan helped me assemble a metal shelving unit.
He was such a great help . . . he loves using that hammer!

I can't wait for everything to be in place!!!

So exciting!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home School Classroom Beginnings

Our Home Schooling room is filling up quickly.
We have put all of our curriculum, the desks & chairs, manipulatives, teaching charts, posters and some shelving in our classroom all ready to put in place.

I found a really fun ABC chart at Pottery Barn Kids.


a Magnetic Multiplication Chalkboard.

Plus a little Bug Art!
(photos from Potterybarnkids.com)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Tonight I was very determined to get all of one grade level assignments put into my grading system. The entire year of assignments - 170 for several of the subjects, but less for others.
That is a LOT of typing!

I am beyond THRILLED to have Third Grade in my Grade book,
Ready for the entire year.

I looked and looked for an ONLINE Grade book and came across this one:


I am home schooling all four of my boys through Abeka Academy.
The 1 and 3 grades are set up on 6 week grading periods.
The 4 and 5 grades are set up on 9 week grading periods.
So, I made two separate grade books.
Two of my boys are in one grade book 
and my other two in another.

I typed in each class name and grade . . .

The program lets the user set up Classes, Terms, Grading Scales, Assignment Categories, and Attendance.

I chose not to list a date for each lesson . . .
this gives me the freedom to insert a field trip on the fly.
I will date one week of lessons at a time.

It does take a bit of time to input each of the lessons . . .
but next year I will only need to input grade 6 and 2 since I will already have the other lessons in the grade book.
I should add, as long as Abeka doesn't change their curriculum. lol

I really like this Grade book ONLINE software.
I have a user name and password.
I can access my grade book anytime.
It even prints reports.

I tried a few others - including on my ipad and they weren't exactly what I needed for Home School.
So far, "igrade" gets an A+ from me!

Home School Prep

I want to welcome you to my new blog . . . all about Home School 4 boys. 

I have four boys ages almost 10, 9, 8 and 6. The 2012-2013 school year will be our FIRST year of Home Schooling ALL four together.

We are currently making preparations for our classroom. Check back soon for pictures.

We are excited!!!